The families and victims of unsolved crimes deserve closure. 

You may have information that could be the key to solving one of these crimes. 

If you have any information on any unsolved crime, please call, email or text Spartanburg Crime Stoppers.  Remember, Crime Stoppers allows you to provide information anonymously!  

Man Shot and Killed in his Vehicle
August 15, 2003

[Spartanburg City]  On August 15, 2003, Michael Gerome Pitts (B/M - 48) of 204 Dallas Place, Spartanburg, was shot and killed while sitting in his vehicle at 430 Tryon Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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Motorcyclist Killed in Collision at Hwy 221 and South Ave
May 30, 2003

[Highway Patrol] On 5/30/2003 at 0225 hrs, a Harley Davidson was traveling north on US 221 in the slow lane and was struck by an unknown vehicle pulling out of South Avenue.  The driver of the motorcycle was killed and a female passenger was severely injured. 

The unknown vehicle was believed to be a blue 1986 - 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88.  Missing front bumper strip and turn signal housing. The attached picture is not the actual suspect vehicle, but it is a similar make and model.

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Man Shot Near Ridge and Vernon
July 19, 2001

[Spartanburg City]  On July 19, 2001, Duane Trout Brock (W/M - 37) was shot while at the intersection of Ridge and Vernon Streets in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  He drove to the back of the Spartanburg County Administrative building, exited his car, collapsed and died.
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Man Found Deceased on Collins Ave.
April 17, 1998

[Spartanburg City]  On April 17, 1998, Jeffry Jones (B/M - 31) was found deceased on the couch in the living room of 269 Collins Avenue, Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Mr. Jones had been shot.
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Man Shot, Collapsed Nearby and Died
January 19, 1998

[Spartanburg City]  On January 19, 1998, Dock Lamont Gentry (B/M -22) was shot while driving his car on Bethlehem Drive.  Gentry ran from his car.  He collapsed and died in the yard of 505 Highland Avenue, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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Woman Found Dead Behind Kmart
October 29, 1995

[Spartanburg City]  On October 29, 1995, Melba Jean Frye (W/F) was found deceased behind a vacant Kmart building on Garner Road, 782 N. Pine Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Frye was the victim of a deadly beating.
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Man Found Deceased in Creek Bed
April 23, 1995

[Spartanburg City]  On April 23, 1995, William Lee Heard (B/M -53) was found deceased in the creek bed off South Forest Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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Body Found in Warehouse
December 02, 1993

[Spartanburg City]  On December 2, 1993, Marva Lynette Whitner Williams (B/F - 29) was found deceased in the back of a warehouse at 515 West Main Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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Cab Driver Shot and Killed
December 28, 1991

[Spartanburg City]  On December 28, 1991, Kenneth Wayne Wynn (B/M - 43) was shot and killed while driving a yellow deluxe cab.  The cab came to rest near the dead end of Ansel Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run Accident
April 27, 1991

[Spartanburg City]  On April 27, 1991, around 5:30 a.m., Carrie Rae Henderson (W/F - 71) was struck and killed by a white vehicle while crossing the street at 764 N. Church Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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